Veggie Patch Progress

Our first proper veggie patch is starting to take shape and produce some yummy fresh goodies to munch on.  Now my photos aren’t the flashest but, like a proud first-time mum, here are some pics from December:

SAM_1177The courgettes are starting  to fruit.  Excuse the rather munched on leaf!  We’re attempting to grow organically, which can be a tad frustrating: spending 45 minutes trying to wash Sunlight soap from your lettuce (due to a quantity mishap) and flushing aphid-type creatures from your brassicas is not what I call a “joyfull” process!

SAM_1176We’re experimenting with coloured crops: purple, yellow, organge and traditional cauliflowers! I can see these looking awesome as a scrummy puree with beef and new season potatoes!

SAM_1174Unfortunately for this fella I totally forgot about him and he ended up back in the compost (oops!) – better luck next time.

SAM_1173Sweet peas are divine – our crop doesn’t quite make it to the table – a quick trip out to the clothes line or to pick some fresh corriander always ends up in a quick munch.  There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh picked peas!

SAM_1175Nasturtiums are a great companion plant that bring bees and the good bugs into your garden.  Bursting with colour they give the garden a burst of bright energy.  Their rambling tendencies ensure they pop up all over the place and the flowers give a spicy kick to your green salads.  I’m keeping my eye out for seed pods to harvest and plant in other corners of our garden.

A home veggie patch is a really satisfying project: you get all the health benefits of growing your own veggies whilst providing an enriched learning environment for the next generation.  Top parenting that is!



2 thoughts on “Veggie Patch Progress

  1. Boomdeeadda

    Very nice photo’s. I can only guess you’re gardening on the other side of the world from me. We’re in Edmonton, Alberta and we’re enjoying winter right at the moment. Christmas Day was 4 C which was a bit unusual but pleasant. I love that it’s always summer someplace on WordPress.

    • ten deep breaths

      Thank you! I’m pretty new to blogging and thought it might be fun. We’re in Dunedin, New Zealand – way down the bottom of the world, and just coming into summer here. Our Christmas day was wet and rainy, so we were all inside – full house! I have always wanted to have a winter Christmas with all the trimmings – we came close this year! I love your blog – such great inspiration! My new project list is starting to fill up fast!

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