Craycray with the Crochet

I love, love, luuuuuuuuv crochet! I love the texture, the endless colour combinations, the speed at which your creations magically come to life, AND (most importantly) the fact that there is only one loop to have to worry about, which is sooo much better than 160 loops when your recovering from a toddler getting into your knitting…  I lament over my unfinished knitting projects that are stashed away waiting for the day when I either a: unwind each partially finished jersey panel and single sock to be chucked into a bag that either ends up at pre-school or donated to SuperGrans (an awesome not-for-profit organisation here in NZ that connects young mums and families to amazing surrogate grandparents who share their knowledge and wisdom) or b: finish off said partially completed projects and then pass them on to someone who has children that actually fit the item of clothing due to the fact that it’s taken over three years (that’s right, three years!) to finish a jersey that I started a size bigger for my son (who’s now 5) when I was pregnant with our youngest child (who turns 4 in January…).  So you can clearly see why I love crochet!

This coming year I’ll be completing (only four more squares to go before putting it all together) a zhivago yarn granny-square blanket for the aforementioned soon-to-be-4 daughter that has the cutest colour pallet of lime green, candy pink, lilac, white and multi-coloured. And then I thought I’d start a couple of new projects: a skull celebration garland for my sister and two more single bed-sized blankets for our two other children (one boy, one girl).  I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of Pinterest (after a self-imposed ban due to a rather unhealthy addiction which kept my up during the wee hours: 10deepbreaths) as a source of inspiration and free patterns.  Here are some of my favs this month, including a link to the pattern for the skull garland.  Updates to follow!!!


Download the free pattern from Red Heart


I love the colour combinations of these: great to brighten up kids bedrooms!


Turquoise is one of my all-time favourite colours.  I love the use of it here as the base colour.  Having a multi-colour piece allows you to mix and match your soft-furnishings with coloured knick-knacks, or create a focal piece for a white room. It’s bright and cheerful and you couldn’t help but smile walking in to a room with this lavishly draped over a white waffle duvet cover.


This is a great colour combination too: having white as your dominant colour ensures the piece “pops” out from a dark linen pallet.

In conclusion, crochet is up at the top of my list of fav handcrafts (along with my persistence with bunting…more to come on that later!).  So scour the interweb, or even better, your mum’s or grandma’s collection of patterns – you may stumble across something fab to inject colour into your New Year!



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