Productivity Overload! The fortnight…um…last three months…that was.

We have had a mightily productive quarter here at Sea View Cottage. In fact so busy that this post originally was a fortnightly update. I’ve discovered the joys of spending less time in front of the screen and more time on the land. We’ve also learnt a lot more about organic gardening, made some new friends, launched a new community venture, and of course started a brand new year. Actually, chunking it might be an easier way to throw it down on here.

We’ve had some significant changes on the home front. The Handyman has ventured on his journey to becoming a qualified builder under an adult apprenticeship which has seen an improvement to both his physical and mental health. We’ve taken a huge hit to our household income when this is combined with my finishing up of work at the end of 2015. Austerity would be a good way to summarise our mind set for the next few months whilst I build up some form of income from the land and my soon-to-be-running craft studio.

The kids love their new environment and their new school. As our values and priorities have shifted, so too have theirs. They’re much happier and more settled and don’t think twice about embarking on an adventure outside. Our eldest is looking forward to beginning her role as chief chook manager once we have established our flock. The Handyman and I are also spending more quality time together, largely revolving around the farm and the garden. We’ve also stumbled upon the joys of a few hands of Monopoly Deal…

My son and I helped out with our first home-kill of two of our 4 hoggets. This sent Miss 10 screaming for the hills in a vegetarian-induced state of panic…thankfully she’s back to being a pork-free omnivore. Our other two jumped the fence and are currently corralled in a pen on the farm from whence they came (Update: the bastards are back! Further update: they’ve bolted again. Little f#&@ers!). A visit from our home-kill guy will fix that. And them. Once they’re back that is. Secret packages of glorious heart, liver, kidneys, and tongue unsuspectingly find their way into batches of spaghetti bolognaise…

Boris is still and will remain a glorious and fleetingly famous specimen…

Boris the kunekune.

The veggie patches are coming along. We’ve ploughed up a decent 100sqm for 4 varieties of potatoes. As this is our first decent run of spuds we’ve played it safe with keeping to Purple Heart, Red King, Desiree, and Jersey Bennies. They’re just starting to flower now and look set to be a bumper crop. Should hopefully see us out for the year. Next season well try some heirloom varieties. Another patch around 80sqm is going to be planted out in a green manure to be dug over in spring.

Potatoes starting to flower

The kitchen garden is cute and functional and should keep us in non-root crops (the other plots being for selling produce at local markets). Convolvulous is my one true enemy and its bloody time consuming trying to manage the blasted stuff.

The kitchen garden before.
And after.
Rainbow chard going nuts!

We’re looking forward to a fruitful 2016. Still lots to learn!



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