Planning, planning and more planning.

A plethora of planting guides.

Its planning time. We’re embracing some biodynamic methods here at Sea View Cottage so according to the phase of the moon, whilst we dig and cultivate in preparation for the coming fertile first quarter, its a great time to plan what’s going into the beds.

Biodynamic gardening methods are a great way to get in sync with the energies on your land. Gardening and farming by the Moon is not new and if the Moon has enough clout to affect the earth’s oceans, it must surely have an impact on the dirt out my back door.

The Handyman bought me NZ Gardner’s 2016 dairy which is not only functional and full of advice, recipes, tips and tricks, its also a bit gorgeous. It takes pride of place amongst my planning resources.

As I write this, we’ve moved into a manic time of planting non-root crops (downside of blogging on a phone is that it takes a while…). I’m still digging over a large plot of what we have been told was a once fruitful garden bed area and have a decent quantity of red chard (about 100 plants) waiting to be transplanted from a nursery bed in the kitchen potager that will christen the start of what will hopefully be my small scale market garden business. There’s still a hell of a lot of weeding and forking to be done. But when its bucketing down with rain outside the best I can do is plan for what will accompany them into the soil (once its composted that is).

As the water tanks fill up, my sour dough starter is once again calling me into the kitchen to relieve its burden and make another loaf of yummy bread. Duty calls!

Happy planning!



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